Our History

1983 – 1989

The first Australian Western Star was built in March of 1983 at the current Wacol QLD facility, and went in to service in July of the same year. Heritage models 4864 and 4964 were produced from 1893 – 1989, and were offered with customized packages that came with names such as Cheyenne, Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Mohawk, Pawnee and Navajo. These trucks were imported in kit form from the Western Star factory in Kelowna, BC Canada.

707 Units were built during this period.


In February of 1990, the first “Cornerstone” Heritage unit was introduced. Cornerstone was a project to reduce the cost and weight of the vehicles. This project introduced three new models.

4864S – a short bonnet, set-back front axle suitable for b-double applications.
4964SS – sloping, aerodynamic long bonnet, with 1270mm set-back front axle and 48 degree wheel cut
4864FX – short, 127mm sloping bonnet for enhanced visibility. 840mm set-back front axle.
Pre-Cornerstone 4964 still produced for heavy-duty operations.


Western Star introduced the 1064 Series, based on the DAF 95 platform. A European cabover design, with American driveline.

First fully built up Western Star units arrived from Western Star factory in Kelowna.


Last truck produced at the Wacol facility.

3800e is introduced. An aerodynamic, short bonnet truck.


Heritage 6964F is introduced to replace the Heavy Duty 4900 model.


Western Star Commander 7564F is introduced. Based on the ERF cabover platform.


Constellation Series of truck is introduced to Australia. Complete new cab and sleeper package that offers increased interior space and enhanced comfort options. First models introduced were the 4864FXC, 4964FXC and 4964EXC (extended bonnet).


Constellation Series models 5864SS and 5964SS introduced. Aerodynamic, short and long bonnet models with set-back front axles.


Constellation Series 6964FXC introduced to replace 4964EXC.

Constellation Series 4800FS (Fleet Spec) is introduced.


Western Star introduced the 4864FXB model that complies with the recently introduced 26 metre b-double legislation.


The Western Star 4964FXT is released.